CIU becomes a part of Turundot Ltd

The services of CIU are hereafter provided by Turundot Ltd, a new company started by the main developers of CIU, Tuomas Turunen and Teemu Turunen.


Turundot's main activity is to support entrepreneurs and freelancers among cultural and creative sectors by providing e.g. management, administration and educational services. Especially, Turundot aims to take part in and carry out cultural and event productions. CIU's earlier services such as specialist services for business/network/regional development projects are also available.

The Turundot team is joined by two more stakeholders, Talvi-Maaria Turunen - Teemu's and Tuomas' sister - and Timo Turunen, her husband. Thus, it shouldn't be hard to guess where the new company got its name from!