Entrepreneurship course for musicians starts in Joensuu

Turundot takes part in planning and carrying out an entrepreneurship course for musicians at the music conservatory of Joensuu. Starting from Sep 21, Tuomas Turunen is responsable for four lectures with following topics;

The art of musicianship
- multiple streams of income
- time management and the basic routines

Employ yourself!
- being a freelancer
- being an entrepreneur part 1/2
- booking gigs and arranging concerts part 1/2

Being a professional; what I have to do and what I should do?
- taxation
- being an entrepreneut part 2/2
- outer communication (marketing, promotion, internet, social media...)

My own experiences
- booking gigs and arranging concerts part 2/2
- classical problems
- international activities

The course will be held in Finnish.